IT and Infrastructure

Businesses today are constantly under pressure to operate as fast as possible – sometimes even in real time. This requires the ability to adapt quickly to market demands, offer mobile and offline syncing options, and process data faster and more efficiently than ever before. A precise, agile IT Infrastructure that guarantees excellent user experience (UX) is the only way to remain competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape.


ZyQuest helps your business gain efficiencies, maintain the highest security, and have more control of infrastructure, all while ensuring cost efficiency and support. ZyQuest offers flexible and agile IT Infrastructure Services that provide integrity, security, precision, and high availability to businesses of any size. We provide full desktop, laptop, printer, voice, and mobile device support for any business. We offer local business server and network support and management, infrastructure monitoring and performance management, as well as custom hosting solutions to fit any need.


We work closely with your business to navigate through the changes and rapid advancements of today’s technology. We find the right solutions for your business to accelerate goals and objectives with efficiency and resiliency. When it’s time to streamline your IT infrastructure for maximum performance and efficiency, let the ZyQuest Wisconsin team develop the right solution to support your cloud strategy and your business!


ZyQuest offers the following Infrastructure Services:


  • Full desktop, laptop, printer, voice, & mobile support
  • Local business server & network equipment support
  • Remote access & security protection
  • Backup & recovery support
  • Infrastructure monitoring & performance management
  • Custom hosting solutions


Heartland Business Systems

ZyQuest has partnered with Heartland Business Systems to provide
Infrastructure Services for our customers.

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